Unlimited Removals – The Best Movers in Melbourne

Moving from one place to another can drain all your energy, there is just too much work that needs to be done. Every valuable from your old house needs to be properly packed and the boxes need to be correctly labelled. You will have to go to the market and arrange all the supplies beforehand. Added to the trouble, fragile items might have special packing requirements and you will have to take care of that as well. Then you will need to get a truck and go through the painful process of loading and unloading. It is obvious that a person alone cannot lift heavy furniture if they love their back, so you will have to ask friends and family for help and coordinate their availability. Once you’ve painstakingly unloaded all the boxes to your new place, you will have to unpack everything and organize it. From putting all the little kitchen items in their place to making your bed, you will have to do it all.
Does even the idea of doing so much work gives you stress? You don’t have to do everything yourself, you can simply hire Unlimited Removals, the best movers in Melbourne,to do the job for you.

We are Cheap Movers in Melbourne

Movers in Melbourne can often cost a lot and become unaffordable. For this reason, quite a lot of families tend to do it themselves and in the end, realize that they have wasted a lot of precious time and energy. Not only this, but you may end up with damaged furniture and broken items. However, with Unlimited Removals, you don’t have to worry about the costs anymore. We provide significantly cheap movers in Melbourne.
Our competitive pricing is one of the things that make us stand out from other moving companies in Melbourne.When we claim to reduce your stress, we mean the overall stress. We don’t want high prices to become a stressful burden on you and our pricing policies show that.  You can call us on landline 0413478708 or cell 0395967965 to get a free quote for now!

What else does our Professional Movers in Melbourne have to offer?

Our house movers in Melbourne have several years of experience in moving houses. We will be  with you from the beginning till the end and that means that we will start from the packing process, do the all the loading and unloading for you, and be there all the way during the unpacking process till even the last box have been unpacked and the things have been put into their correct positions.

At Unlimited Removals, we ensure that all of these processes are paid adequate attention to and that even the tiniest of the details are kept in mind. Here are just some of the things we give particular attention to:

  • During the packaging phase, we ensure that the quality of material is kept in mind. We don’t want the boxes to tear midway or your stuff to get damaged.
  • We take extra care in packing the fragile items. Fragile items can easily break in the moving process if they are not handled with care.
  • Heavier items are packed in smaller boxes, while lighter ones are packed in bigger ones. This is to ensure that the boxes have the right amount of weight and at the same time, packing is compact.
  • The size of the truck we get should be big enough to fit all your stuff in. We take extra care during the loading and unloading phase so that none of your valuable belongings even have as much as a tiny scratch on them when you open them later on.
  • During the unpacking phase, we make sure that all the items are arranged properly.
  • We also ensure that all the safety measures are taken. We don’t want any injuries happening to you or our staff.
  • We want the overall process to be as fast as possible. We understand that time is precious and we do not want the process to take long. We avoid unnecessarily pending of the work and our staff has enough experience to do it quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that we will rush through anything!
  • There are no hidden charges. We believe that having hidden charges is equivalent to deceiving the customer. Unlike several other moving companies in Melbourne, we have zero hidden charges and you will be communicated all the prices beforehand.
  • If we don’t know anything, we will ask you. If we are unsure where a particular thing is supposed to be during the unpacking phase, or whether you might need a particular item right now and it shouldn’t be packed – we will ask you.

There are many more things that make us stand out as the best movers in Melbourne and we are sure that you will agree with us if you hire our services.

Hire Movers in Melbourne and Make your Life Easier.

When it comes to furniture removal, there are a number of things that one needs to keep in mind. We strive hard to make sure that the process is safe and efficient. Here are some of the things that our team is always mindful of:

  • An upfront planning is done. For example, weights of cabinets are checked and contents are removed.
  • Making sure that the pathway is clear. There are no obstacles, pets, or children in between otherwise someone might get injured. Removing all hurdles will also make the removal process smoother.
  • We also ensure that our work is done in an efficient manner. We check the distances from where the furniture is located to the driveway and choose the optimal path.
  • We take care that heavy furniture is not lifted by one person. It can cause them injury in back or knees and we care about the wellbeing of our staff.
  • We use equipment like lift straps, furniture removal trolleys, protection gloves, and steel capped boots etc to make sure the process is safe.